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Here be gigs

Here are some upcoming dates, bring all the sexy people you know. This list is updated regularly but if you'd to be told of upcoming dates please use the contact form :) also contact me there if ya would like to book me for ur hot gig



1st - Glass House Ashford

2nd - Comedy Cabin MC

7th - Tribeca - Women in Comedy Festival (Manchester)

9th - Owl Comedy, Finchley - Headlining

15th - Comedy Effect - Hemel Hamstead

20th - South Kensington Comedy Club

23rd - Maddie Campion & Friends - Camden Comedy Club

24th - Let's Laugh - Cafe Cairo

25th - South Kensington Comedy Club

26th - NCOTY - Quarter Final - Museum of Comedy

30th - Objectively Funny Wednesdays - The Albany

31st - Chuckle Deli Halloween Special - The Lucas Arms


2nd - Sex Standing Up Comedy - Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium

3rd - Stupid Sunday - Rosemary Branch Theatre

11th - Right Funny Clapham / Everyone's a Joker 2Northdown

13th - ACMS

16th - WIP w/ Chloe Petts - Bill Murray 4pm-5pm

17th - Mr Sexy Pageant 2007 - 2Northdown

18th - Maddie Campion and Friends - Camden Comedy Club

19th - Stags Head

21st - Comedy Carousel - Glee Birmingham

25th - Bears Norwich - Headlining

28th - Billabong - Rochester


2nd - Angel Comedy

9th - Maddie Campion & Friends - Camden Comedy Club

19th - Angel Comedy


PREVIOUS GIGS (in case you wanna know if you saw me)



January 10th - Matchstick Theatre - WIP - with Sara Barron


January 14th - Good Ship Comedy

January 22nd - Angel Comedy, Camden Head

January 23rd - Bryony Twydle and Friends - Camden Comedy Club,

26th Chipping Camden - Stand up comedy nights

31st Jan - Chuckle Deli - Kings Cross



 Woodville Halls, Gravesend

February 3rd - Truly Maddie Deeply WIP - Bill Murray, Angel

Feb 8th - Downstairs at the King's Head

February 11th - Right Funny - Clapham

Feb 12th Angel Comedy

Feb 13th Angel Comedy

February 14th - Anti-Valentines comedy - The Field


February 16th - Truly Maddie Deeply - Heroes @ Criterion - Leicester Comedy Festival 

Feb 24th - Laughs at the Lamb


March 2nd - Truly Maddie Deeply -  Travelling Bookshop - Vaults Festival

March 13th - Owl Comedy

March 14th Comedy Benefit - Penge

March 15th Hideaway Live, Streatham

March 19th - Kilburn Tavern

March 27th - fundraiser (MCing) Fitzrovia

March 29th - Brew House, Bath - Truly Maddie Deeply at Bath Comedy Festival



April 6th - Folkestone Comedy Club

April 10th - Not Another Comedy Night - Rose & Crown Kentish Town (Headline)

April 14th - Craft Beer Co. Brixton

April 17th - Crafty Comedy - Star of Kings

April 28th - Mirth - Shoreditch 



May 3rd / 4th / 17th / 18th - Truly Maddie Deeply - The Black Dove - Brighton Fringe 8pm

8th May - MC - Comedy @ Hoxton Cabin 8pm

May 11th - Truly Maddie Deeply Adnen Theatre Faversham

May 22nd - Camden Comedy Club


(all gigs start 8pm unless stated)

June 8th - Truly Maddie Deeply WIP @ Hoxton Cabin 

June 12th - AIDIF - Vauxhall Comedy Club

June 14th - Charity gig - London Bridge

June 19th - MC Comedy Cabin Hoxton

June 22nd - Truly Maddie Deeply preview Cambridge TBC

June 25th - Comedy Without Borders

June 27th - Comedy Lock In - Faversham

June 29th - Quantum Leopard - 2Northdown


July 3rd - MC Comedy Cabin

July 5th - MC Comedy Cabin

July 17th - Truly Maddie Deeply WIP - Oak & Pastor 8pm

July 19th - Truly Maddie Deeply WIP - Gullivers, Manchester 8:30pm

July 21st - Truly Maddie Deeply WIP - OED Festival - Oxford 9:30pm

July 31st - August 26th - Truly Maddie Deeply - 2pm (45 mins) Bothy Room, Gilded Balloon @ Edinburgh Fringe


4th - Word of Muff - Horse and Stables

19th - Maddie Campion & Simone Belshaw - Camden Comedy Club

21st - Ashford Comedy Gala

26th - Escape Bar, Stratford